That Night

That Night


I’ll never forget that night.

It started out just a regular party

Nothing new, just a party.

But it ended up a fight for your life


Just one small overdose

Then you were on the floor


Time stood still

I couldn’t breathe

Couldn’t hear

Couldn’t move

Then you twitched and time sped up


I looked at your mom

She was fucked up

Too fucked up to care

Too care that her only son was dying

Dying right in front of her


She looked at you

A stranger dying in her house

Her face twisted in rage

“Who the fuck is he?” She screamed

She had no idea who you where


I knew then that no one else was going to help you

No one else cared


I got the adrenaline shot from the fridge

The one you kept for this exact reason

I was shaking as I undid your shirt

It seemed like it took forever to get your shirt open


I looked at your chest

It wasn’t moving

I didn’t even have to check your pulse

I knew there wasn’t one

I only had one choice


I took a deep breath

Prayed to the God that I didn’t believe in

Took aim

And stabbed you with the syringe

Stabbed you right in the heart


I pushed it in

Took it out

And waited

Waited for a sign

A sign that you survived


Time slowed down

One second passed

Two seconds passed

Three seconds passed

I checked your pulse


Time speeds up again

And I burst into tears

Your heart is beating

Your chest is slowly rising and falling

You are alive


God has granted you a second chance

Has given you a chance to make something of your life

And a chance for me as well

Too keep going like we are and die before we hit twenty-one

Or too change our ways and live to see our children have children


I don’t know about you

But I can’t handle another scene like that

I can’t sit back and watch you waste away

Watch you die

I quit


Please come with me

Please choose to live

unpublished work © 2004 Raine
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