fuck you life

My aunt is really dying guys. She really is. I've known this for like a week, but it just now really hit me. She's going to die. She's going to leave us and never come back. My aunt. The mother of my cousins. The baby sister of my father. My aunt is going to die, and there is nothing anbody can do about it.


I'm sorry about your aunt. My Aunt died about 2 years ago to cancer, so I understand what you are going through. It didn't really hit me until the wake. I live in texas too and I'm going to text you so you will have my number as well. =]
i know you don't know me,,
but when i was searching about literally the phrase "fuck you life" your post popped up. I felt the need to tell you that my aunt died a while ago. I felt so bitchy cause i visited her in the hospital and i didnt want to be there because it scared me. That was the last time i saw her alive. It is very hard to cope, it really is. What i do is i write, a ton and get all of my feelings out.

Its very hard, but i want you to know that you have lots of support. even from people you dont know like me.

stay strong! <3
Re: i know you don't know me,,
ty:) knowing that i'm not alone in my pain is a slight comfort(i know that sounds selfish) and it is nice to know that i have support(even from people i don't know lol) i'm sorry about ur aunt, i know it's horrible to watch someone you love die. but by the end of it, i was glad that she went. she was in so much pain, and now she isn't. i hope that you are doing ok. and like you said, you have lots of support(even from people you don't know) stay strong as well:)